Brain Chemistry

I’m inspired by all that is around me
In a cold world, built by estranged humanity
How do we live in this insanity?

You claim your identity
And search for answers in the galaxies
Seek endless possibilities
Far beyond reach to infinity
Enhance your creativity
And be named the face of humility

Use your talents to change the earth
It’s what you’ve been tasked to do since birth
Regardless of where you come from
How you grew up and what you faced
You are you and that’s okay

Use your energy to make waves
Explore the tides of the oceans for days
And sway with the winds melodies
Have storms empty their force into your veins
And with your pains
Heal the stains on your heart

You will escape the rains
Because as it pours
I will store your poetry in my heart
In my memory, in my lobotomy
I’ll keep it for all of eternity

Like a star, you too sometimes explode
Dying to renew your soul
Putting on a colossal show
Enough to scare your sisters and bros
And you think, “What’s wrong with me?”

Brain Chemistry.

Your frontal lobes are still developing
Those thoughts you have become menacing
Cortisol popping from synapse to synapse
You can feel the triggers
Your pupils grow bigger
Your grasp on reality grows weaker

Can you feel the lack of serotonin?
The lack of melatonin?
The growth of no emotion?
A terrible potion.

But don’t let it stop there
Positivity overpowers negativity
You can still save humanity
Regardless of your brain chemistry
Your thoughts and feelings matter
Don’t shatter under pressure
Let life teach you lessons
To lessen the depression

Life can be hard
Especially if you think too much
Don’t be in a rush to grow up
You’re a diamond in the rough
A star in the sky
Who still shines as bright
As 14 million years ago
You’re the star of your own show

We can change the world together
Make this insanity a whole lot better
By accepting things we can not change
And correcting mistakes we have made
Clean your hatred plate
Save it for another day, another lifetime

So don’t think twice about being a better person
In a world that’s really hurtin’
You can help this place for certain
Don’t be afraid to blossom and flourish
I’ll be here to nourish your neural connections

And remember don’t
with the questions…