In Honor of Maya Angelou

You can try to play me like a piano
You can touch each key and play a note
You can sing a song to the beat of my body
But I will never let you into my lobby

You can try to play me off of your courts
But I am a phenomenal women in Maya’s words
You cannot just throw me around like a ball
For I stand in my life 10 feet tall

You may think you have me as your puppet
That I think you are the tea to my crumpet
But trust not how I lust for you, fool
For you, player, have been played too

But I will not lead you on to think I am yours
You should’ve paid attention in that psychology course
I am honest as the truth is to be told
For you, old foe, my love is too bold

I am too much woman for a player like you
You can handle a game, but not the truth
So you can play me like the strings on a guitar
But I will never, ever give you a piece of my heart.