The Broad

Your lack of culture, no match for me
For I am poet, as brown as can be
I freestyle and flow, while you wonder and stare
No match for me, so don’t even dare
Social media is your claim to fame
You have a million followers and they don’t even know your name
I giggle when you complain and smile when you pose
I write about life while you pay for a new nose
You gentrify my hood and don’t even pay homage
You raise the prices and cause cultural damage
Where did all my brown skin people go?
We built this site such a long time ago
Before the fuse of phones and Internet
We gathered in flocks to pray for the dead
Now you mock our tradition with the ink on your skin
I’m pale with grief and you’re pale with a grin
Better hurry before the next trend ends!
Don’t forget to check in online and tag your friends!
Where is the beauty in all that you behold?
Where would you be without money or gold?
Will you move over to the next poor town?
Will you still shop at Goodwill when the trends all end?
Or will you go back to Nordstroms when it’s popular again?
Your lack of uniqueness – no match for me
I was bred to cure your privileged disease
I am toxic to your tone, so please –
Don’t ever think you’re above me.