Wars of Love.

it goes up and down from time to time
season to season it changes a line
moods arise from deep inside
from past lives pain seems alive

my soul found yours but my mind rejects it
setting you to flee and my mind accepts it
my soul fights and tortures me to sleep
the pressure collapses causing me to weep

because it goes up and down time to time
year after year it changes it’s rhyme
moods arise from deep down inside
buried past lives seem to coincide­

my soul screams into my ear i’m not right
my mind worries about a profession in spite
moods come and go in polar opposites
feelings get buried deep down to the pit

life depresses the soul who’s unrested
i wonder why it was this body i requested
what business on earth have i not finished
days go on causing my warmth to diminish

the ache gets deeper wondering what’s missing
my mind confuses my soul with living
it makes me go up and down time to time
from buried feelings the pain seems alive

you don’t know me- you never will understand
never will take the time to read my hand
deep down inside our souls are longing
but our minds bump back causing the wanting

unrested souls finally are too much pain to take
bodies will come together blaming fate
you and i will wander forever on earth
then we’ll try again after another birth