I’m barefoot, cleaning my kitchen,
My two rabbits are lounging,
Side by side,
While my music plays loud,
My black cat is sprawled along the couch,
They are at peace.

I’m barefoot, cleaning my kitchen,
And my song comes on,
I drop my mop,
And swing my hips, side to side, round and round,
Hands go up and down,
Hair is wild and free
Like my body was made for this beat.

I’m barefoot, cleaning my kitchen,
I wipe down my stove,
The cabinets are now spotless,
Old food thrown away,
And the dishes are clean
But my wallet is empty
And I’m swimming in debt sea

I’m barefoot, cleaning my kitchen,
I’m grateful for everything I have
A roof over my head,
A comfortable ass bed,
I pay my own rent,
Like I am on my own time,
Like I take my own strides in life,
Like I make my own rules.

Not a care in the world to bring me down,
I spark a spliff and start to wind down.
Music still blasting from the speakers,
I’m hoping I don’t upset my neighbors.

I’m barefoot in my kitchen,
But I still lounge around –
Watching my world unfold.
Everything seems to have settled –
Pleasing for my wild soul.