How She Lost Her Soul.

She lost her damned mind
To a man with no soul
A man who had no intention of loving her
She made his love her goal

But he had no love to give
For he was born with an empty heart
And while she gave and gave and gave
All he did was part

But she followed over and over
Because this man she loved to death
She gave him a daughter
But still; he came and left

Like a lioness, she stays
Waiting for her king to come back
And after he’s done with other ones
She continues to be in lack

Because he has nothing to offer
Only his body and an illusion
A vision of love, clouded by lust
Must be the root of her confusion

She lost her damned soul
To a man with no life to live
And she wears it proudly
Because love is what she gives

Although it’s masked behind a skull
She still wants to let him know
She is his forever beyond life
But he has already let her go

He was never hers,
as she was his
But all she knew,
was that she loved him

And like all lost souls believe
She believed he would change
But he was damned from the start
He was just born that way

And that’s the tale of a girl
Who loved a boy
Now she’s a woman, and he’s a man
But she was always just his toy.