Authentic Love

One of the hardest things to do
is to love someone authentically – flaws and all.
This requires you to be a mirror.
To acknowledge their flaws,
making you face your own perceived flaws.
Most of us don’t want to face those.
Most of us would rather be blinded by romantic love
and accept whatever is less than what we deserve.

By that, I mean you end up falling in love with the best parts
of someone and forget they have shortcomings.
Sometime down the line
when you do begin to see their limitations,
you second guess the love you once boasted for them.
But in truth,
You never whole heartedly loved them in the first place,
You loved the good times – The good parts – The good you.
You realize it was never love.
It was only infatuation.

The difference is, love is patient.
Love doesn’t rush.
Love doesn’t ask for too much.
Love doesn’t ask for anything in return.
Love gives willingly.
Love doesn’t expect.
Love respects.
Love helps you grow and holds your hand through the dark times.
Love acknowledges your flaws and says it’s okay,
we can work on those together.

Love is a mirror.
If you look for impurities,
it exposes the darkest blemishes you try to conceal with makeup,
but if you look for
It reflects all the best parts of you, too.

Authentic Love

– supports you.
– nurtures you.
– never stresses you out.
– doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself.
– doesn’t make you feel insecure.
– makes you feel better.
– helps you feel whole by yourself.
– is not codependent.
– is not conditional on certain behaviors.

It requires you to be strong for someone else and
especially, be strong for yourself.
So, when you see how beautiful the person you love can be, you understand that that is how beautiful you can be, too.

That is love.