About the Writer

Lola Hernandez is a closeted an emerging writer from Los Angeles, California.

Hi, i’m Lola.

“We smoked a fat ass joint. Like we were teens again. After each puff, we exchanged coughs, blanketing the air with clouds that smelled like skunk, dirt, and flower. As we sat in his Ford Crown passing the joint back and forth, I remembered how far we’ve come. We were 700 miles from home watching the Humboldt sunset with no cops, no hood enemies, no toxic family members to remind us how we hurt. Here, he was only a tall, white Mexican cholo-lookin’ dude from LA and nothing else. Not even my boyfriend. Here we were allowed to forget who we were and start over.”

What I’ve Done:


Interview #2; Lemmeknow Podcast, linked here. We talk about my latest project, Learning How to Love and staying busy during the pandemic.

2019 – Present

Open Mic Host; Co-host “Food For Thought Open Mic” every last Thursday of the month in the Public House at Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles. Aside from co-hosting the show, other responsibilities include managing social media page, making flyers, and coordinating the space.

eCommerce Copywriter; write product descriptions & improve SEO across PDPs & LPs. Also create marketing copy for emails, push notifications and website banners/sliders.


Author/Educator; Collaborated with pregnancy prevention non-profit, Girls P.A.C.T., to deliver age-appropriate information regarding healthy love, boundaries, relationships and sex to high school students. The Zine is titled “Navigating Your Heart: A Homegirl’s Guide to Dating in the 21st Century.”

Event Planner; curated and hosted art shows with Girlz of LA, an art collective

Interview; Lemmeknow Podcast, linked here. We talk about what inspires my work, where I come from, and ideas for future projects.


Author; Self-published Zine titled, Brain Chemistry which is about how my brain reacts/responds to dopamine and the things I find pleasurable.

Associated Organizations:

WSS | Shoes. Style. Selection: writing product descriptions, company wide newsletters, creating training guides + programs & improving SEO across eCommerce site | www.ShopWSS.com

PIECES Arts; spoken word / poetry mentoring and hosting events / curating shows for myself and other members | www.piecesarts.org

Girls P.A.C.T.; empowering girls aged 12-24 to practice safe sex, healthy boundaries and pursue their life goals through educational and interactive zines | www.girlspact.org

Girls of LA Art Collective; curating art shows and various events to connect artists from various backgrounds and different parts of LA.

Work With Me! I am down for:

  • Hosting Your Open Mic, Poetry Night, Music Performance, etc.
  • I’ll also help plan your party & decor, but that’s a different convo – let’s talk anyway.
  • Editing Your Essays and Articles. Sorry, Not Editing Poetry at the Moment.
  • Assisting Your Shop with Product Descriptions, Getting Noticed on Google + Improving Your Overall Site Structure.