I Am A Poet

I am a follower of wandering lust More so a poet than a dove I am a poet of love I am a poet drunk on love Writing on pages to fill them up I am a heathen of love I am a poet who rides the bus A little more chill, than a fuss [...]

When I Say I Love You…

I will tell you I love you in the moments I mean it most,When the sun has setAnd you are draped in darknessAnd distractions cease to be. I love you. When you are just waking up, Pillow wrinkles on your face, Sun peeking through the curtains unto your skin, Hair going in a million different [...]


You crawl into my mind Creeping. No warning. Surprise I’m here. Kissing me in the morning. Oh the memories. You left for me to share. Nothing feels as good As breathing in your air. My young butterfly. Not really mine at all. Only in my life for now. Please don’t forget to call. Creeping no [...]

Lipstick Warrior

Lipstick Warrior; she called to me as I lined my lips with a sharp red wine Then she called me a Chingona & I called her Divine I winged my eyeliner as she spoke to me in prose I kissed her lips gently, and my temperature slightly rose I wore my studded jacket as she [...]