Navigating Your Heart.

Navigating Your Heart is a Homegirl’s Guide to dating in the 21st Century.

It is not intended to provide logical answers to questions about something that feels like magic. It is not intended to replace, nor sway that special way you feel about love, or that extraordinary significant other.  It is not intended to thwart what your mother and what your mother’s mother taught you about love. Because love is universal and immeasurable, you should know that NYH is purely intended for your enjoyment and personal growth.

All the information compiled here come from various sources: published books, TED Talks, lectures, conversations, magazine articles, scientific journal articles, research, Instagram posts, and personal experiences.

NYH is broken up into 4 parts:

  1. Love & Lust
  2. I Before U(s)
  3. Hookups & Heartbreaks.
  4. Abuse & the Aftermath.