Brain Chemistry.


I come from a long line of dopamine addicts. A long line of rapid firing neurons, all predisposed to love the feelings of: romance, sex, drugs, and food. We are a group of Hedonists: those who live to enjoy the pleasures in life. And it’s so strong in our bloodline, that some of us balance a fine line between insanity and reality every time we indulge. But that doesn’t stop us. We are not afraid to cross that line – that boundary that separates the mentally healthy, from the mentally disturbed. Because we love the rush of the teeter totter – up and down, up and down, and finally… SMACK! A dopamine imbalance knocks you off your ass. And what does one do after that? Create a Zine and call it Brain Chemistry – obviously.


We can’t control what our brains were born with, but we can shape it, edit it, unlearn things, learn new things, and reframe bad habits. And we can create art. Like this.

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